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About Connectus

Our parent company started as a telecommunications company in 2001, supporting large clients including some of the largest companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. In 2006, the company rebranded as Connectus to better encapsulate the organization’s mission.

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Connectus Telecommunications – Global

Today, Connectus Telecommunications is dedicated to providing support for clients integrated into the Connectus system.

Connectus (Connectus Holdings, Inc.) is an innovative platform for workforce productivity including managing technology.  Connectus specializes in the development and sale of cloud-based (SaaS)* products and services.  Using Connectus as a central hub for applications, users can better manage a growing number of applications used – personally and professionally.

Connectus provides managed services and support including product development, marketing, communications, talent management, technical and customer support for companies integrated into the Connectus system.  Connectus offers companies access to services and operational efficiencies often out-of-reach and difficult to manage.

Connectus System

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